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The MacGregor Tartan

The band wears the MacGregor tartan.

The clan Gregor motto 'S rioghal mo dhream' - My race is royal - is based on the descent of the old chiefs from Fergus the Tall, king of Dalraida from 676 to 697; it also refers to the descent of the clansmen from King Gregory the Great, ruler of the Picts and Scots from 878 to 889.

They are senior branch of the Pictish Siol Ailpein or race of Alba (Scotland). They took over, by conquest, wide territories in Argyll and West Perthshire but their lands were coveted by the Campbells and others, who obtained legal charters to disposses the MacGregors.

After two centuries of bloody resistance, the MacGregors were condemned to be wiped out in 1603 by James VI. They continued however, despite everything, to 'flourish for ever.'

In 1774 they were legally allowed to resume their name. The chief is MacGregor of MacGregor and their badge is the Scots Pine.

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